The Ten Critical Things Public Relations Students Must Know About Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click marketing service that allows you to create and run ads for your business. Advertisers can bid on the keywords that they want to bring up their ads in the search engine results page. Google decides which ads are displayed and in what position based on each user’s maximum bid and quality score.

google adwords

  1. The single most important factor is relevance. Google wants to connect searchers with ads that match their search query and give them what they are searching for.
  2. AdWords has customizable options that can be used to narrow your audience by location, time of day, language, browser, or device type to help you hypertarget your audience.
  3. You can discover how effective your keywords are and refine them to develop effective campaigns.
  4. AdWords provides a Keyword Tool in case you have writer’s block to help you find relevant keyword ideas.
  5. It gives you a major advantage over your competitors with potential to receive more clicks from search results.
  6. The service enables you to advertise to prospective customers who are more likely to search by topic rather than your organization’s name, as current customers might.
  7. You can target your ads on mobile phones, tablets, and other devices, which are becoming increasingly popular.
  8. High quality score lowers your cost-per-click and leads to more impressions. You can improve your quality score by implementing relevant keywords and an easy-to-navigate landing page.
  9. You can set a limit on cost per day, allowing you to budget your campaigns.
  10. You can use Google AdWords in other ways, such as selling your car, getting accepted to college, landing a job, or even a date!


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