Best Holiday Advertisements of All Time

The holidays are all about spreading good cheer to the masses. They are about delighting, entertaining, and moving others. The holidays present an invaluable opportunity for brands and marketers, not just for selling, but storytelling. The holiday season is a fitting time for companies to show people their culture, values, and principles.

Here are some brands that did it right, delivering the best holiday advertisements of all time:

This John Lewis ad just might make you tear a little. It tells the story of friendship between a boy, Sam, and his penguin friend, Monty. They play together all year, but as the weather turns cold, Monty begins to feel sad, and only Sam knows the problem. Monty the penguin is looking for love.

Hershey’s uses no words in this 1989 holiday commercial. The ad is short, sweet, and so effective. It’s also Hershey’s longest running product advertisement to date. Ogilvy & Mather succeeds with this charming, whimsical and simplistic advertisement, setting it apart from the rest.

Apple’s Emmy award-winning “Misunderstood” ad spot is about a kid who is seemingly too preoccupied with his iPhone 5S to engage with his family for the holiday. Later, however, it is revealed that he is, indeed, just misunderstood. Really nicely done, Apple.

This 1996 “Faint” advertisement by M&M has endured through the years and become a beloved holiday classic. The commercial features the meeting of two iconic “mythical” creatures. It’s cute, effective, and still elicits a chuckle after all these years.

What are your favorite holiday ads of all time? Share them here!

Best Halloween Advertisements of 2014

Halloween presents a great opportunity for brands to engage and entertain and also show off their creativity. I look forward to the advertisements every Halloween, but this year only a few stand out. Here they are:

Snickers – Twisted

Snickers delivered once again this Halloween with a fun and spooky advertisement that’s consistent with its “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign—only this time, the message is, “You get scary when you’re hungry.” This is true.

IKEA – Halloween

In this ad, Ikea Singapore parodied Stanley Kubrick’s classic, The Shining, and recreated the eerie Big Wheel scene inside one of its stores to promote Ikea’s late-night shopping hours. Kudus to the ending and the clever play on words.

GEICO – It’s What You Do

Geico poked fun at horror movie characters and their predictably poor decisions in its horror movie commercial, “It’s What You Do.” The ad is relatable and humorous with a fitting tie-in that’s certainly on-brand.

Something I missed? Share what you think is the best Halloween advertisement of 2014!